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Performance improvement (PI) activities are crucial to trauma centers of any level. A strong PI program not only ensures the highest quality of patient care, it is required for successful verification or designation by state and national organizations. Unfortunately, educational activities involving trauma PI are difficult to find. Trauma MedEd is dedicated to providing a wide-ranging collection of performance improvement videos, courses, and printed materials to help you enhance your PI skills!

Our Most Popular Videos, Courses, and Print Downloads


How To Create Bookmarked PDF Files

Here's a short video that shows you how to create bookmarked PDF files for the required documents and patient charts for your upcoming virtual site visit.

Trauma PI Clock

When Does The Trauma PI Clock Start Ticking?

Many trauma PI filters have time limits. When does the clock start ticking to determine if the filter has been exceeded?

Timely review

How To Ensure Timely Responses To Your PI Requests

Tired of waiting forever for those "other" providers to send back your carefully crafted PI requests? Here's how to get their attention and ensure fast responses.

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October 2022 issue

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