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Michael D. McGonigal MD

Trauma MedEd is produced and curated by Michael McGonigal MD. Dr McGonigal is the Director of Trauma Services and Trauma Medical Director at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota. His 33 year career has been devoted almost exclusively to the care of injured patients. He is a nationally recognized trauma surgeon, and travels the country speaking at trauma educational conferences and symposia. 

Dr. McGonigal is an expert on the topic of trauma performance improvement, and has provided numerous presentations and seminars on this topic over the past ten years. He is skilled at tailoring information to the participants, who include students, nurses, registrars, doctors, and anyone else who provides care for injured patients.

Trauma MedEd is designed to meet the needs of all trauma professionals who want high-quality, easy to understand information on performance improvement. It contains an ever expanding collection of videos, print materials, and courses to meet that need. It is unique in that your input is welcome, and allows us to create new content specific to your needs.

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