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The March  2023 issue includes: Should I Apply Compression Devices To Patients With Known DVT? Why Do They Call It The Surgical Neck Of The Humerus? You’ve Been Pimped! Nursing: When Is Drain Output Too Bloody? Download

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The January 2023 issue includes: Nonsurgical Admissions And The Nelson Score Tip: Evaluation of Hematuria in Blunt Trauma Central Lines Cause Hypercoagulability? Lab Values From Intraosseous Blood Leukocytosis After Splenic Injury Download

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The October 2022 issue includes: How Quickly Does Hemoglobin Drop? How To Remember The “Classes of Hemorrhage” How To: The Serial Abdominal Exam Bathing/Showering And Wound Care Download

Best Of The Blog Issue

The October 2022 issue includes: How Quickly Does Hemoglobin Drop? How To Remember The “Classes of Hemorrhage” How To: The Serial Abdominal Exam Bathing/Showering And Wound Care Download

Trauma Systems

The January 2022 issue includes: What Is A Trauma System? US Trauma Systems – The Origin Story The Rise Of State Systems The Feds Pay Attention Where Are We Now And What Should We Do? Download

How To Create Bookmarked PDF Files

For the time being, most trauma site visits are being conducted virtually. This requires major changes in preparation for the visit. One of the most significant is the switch to chart and document preparation. This 20 minute video takes you through the process of assembling and creating bookmarked pdf files. These are universally used by …

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Practical Tips

The September 2021 issue includes: Managing Penetrating Injury Nursing Tips For Pediatric Orthopedic Injury Abdominal Packing Tips Geriatric Trauma Management Tips For Trauma In Pregnancy Managing CSF Leaks Download

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The July 2021 issue includes: ICP Changes During The Ambulance Ride VAC Dressings vs The External Fixator TXA, Thromboembolic Events, And Mortality Second Head CT In Patients Taking DOACs Download



The April 2021 issue includes: Who’s better at invasive procedures: residents or ACPs? How many salt tabs in a liter of saline? Mainstem intubation in pediatric patients and more ways to avoid it! Can you give TXA through an IO line? Download

Sleep Loss and Fatigue

The September 2020 issue includes: Facts on fatigue and sleep loss Impact on EMS providers Impact on nurses Impact on physicians and APPs What to do about fatigue and sleep loss Download


The July 2020 issue includes: In-person education and COVID Planning an ATLS course during the age of COVID Additional equipment needs Executing the ATLS course The post-course evaluation Download

Hybrid operating room

The Hybrid Operating Room

The March 2018 issue includes: What Is A Hybrid OR? Why Use A Hybrid OR For Trauma? Is The Hybrid OR For Trauma Useful? Which Patients May Benefit From A Hybrid OR? So You Want Your Own Hybrid Room?! Download

Trauma PI Clock

When Does The Trauma PI Clock Start Ticking?

Many trauma PI filters have an associated time limit. Examples include: Craniotomy > 4 hours Laparotomy > 1 hour in unstable patient But when do you start timing the event? This 8 minute video helps you determine when clock actually starts ticking.

COVID-19 For Trauma Professionals: Part 2

The May 2020 issue includes: The New ACS COVID Site Visit Schedule COVID-19 And Your State Trauma System COVID-19 And Your PI Meetings Protecting Personnel During Intubation COVID-19 And Chest Tube Insertion Download

Massive transfusion

Massive Transfusion – Part 1

The August 2018 issue includes: Introduction to Massive Transfusion How To Build Your MTP– Universality, Activation– Documentation, Deactivation– Analysis MTP Activation Triggers Download

Massive transfusion

Massive Transfusion – Part 2

The January 2019 issue includes: What Is The Ideal Blood Product Ratio? TEG And Your MTP MTP and TXA The History Of Fractionated Blood Components Use Of Whole Blood For Massive Transfusion Download

Femur fracture

Fat Embolism Syndrome

The February 2019 issue includes: Fat Embolism vs Fat Embolism Syndrome Clinical Manifestations Of FES Diagnosis Of Fat Embolism Syndrome FES And Orthopedic Surgery Prevention And Treatment Of Fat Embolism Syndrome Download

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